What Hillary Clinton’s Voting Record Reveals About Her Tax Plan

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton put an end to two years of speculation by announcing that she will run for President in 2016, immediately making her the overwhelming frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. Despite the fact that Clinton has served both as a Senator and as Secretary of State, little is known about [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Walter Scott shooting: Officer Michael Slager heard laughing about his ‘pumping’ adrenaline minutes after killing

The South Carolina police officer charged with the murder of unarmed black man Waker Scott has been heard on an audio recording laughing about the way his adrenaline was “pumping” after the incident. In the recording, that comes from the dash-cam of Mr Slager’s police…
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Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign: It’s not about me, it’s about you

If Hillary Rodham Clinton gets her way, there will be stark differences between her failed 2008 run for president and the White House campaign she embarked upon Sunday — and not just the end result.
Nation – Los Angeles Times

Five Questions With Author Mary Pilon About “The Monopolists”

Who knew a simple board game bore such a fascinating history? Journalist Mary Pilon uncovers the story of individual creativity, corporate strategy and legal battles over the game Monopoly in her new book "The Monopolists" (Bloomsbury). Pilon started writing about the history of the game when she and I were cubicle neighbors [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Mortgage demand surges as optimism about UK economy reaches 13-year high

Gfk poll finds consumer confidence helped by low inflation and buoyant job market, while Bank of England reports highest mortgage approvals in six months Continue reading... Business | The Guardian Read more [...]

You can now wear McDonalds and wrap yourself up in a Big Mac duvet, which is basically what living the dream is all about

If we could bathe in Big Macs we would. We've tried but it turns out bath tub full of burgers actually sets you back a small fortune. Well, McDonalds have answered our prayers with the next best thing and fellow Mcaddicts and Mctrendsetters will now be able to devote their entire livelihood to the US fast food chain with their new lifestyle collection. Eating a BigMac is sooooooo 2014. Yup, you can wear your Big Mac, your dog can wear a big Mac and perhaps the most exciting of all: you can wrap Read more [...]