Britain and America are helping Saudi Arabia push Yemen towards total collapse

As Yemen’s political and economic crisis deepens, the United States and Britain have decided to throw their weight behind a Saudi-led coalition of Arab states currently bombing the Houthi rebel group. The rebels, who are backed by Iran and military units loyal to the deposed dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, have taken over large parts of the country since September. By providing warplanes and, in the case of the United States, logistical and intelligence support, both countries are playing an important, Read more [...]

Why America Is Going to Hell

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Just hours before his death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. phoned his secretary in Atlanta. He wanted to ensure that the sermon topic for next Sunday's service at Ebenezer would be printed in the church bulletin. The theme, "Why America May Go to Hell," had been resonating in his head and heart for the past twelve months.(1) But Dr. King never got the opportunity to preach his message. On April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of the Memphis Lorraine Read more [...]

Bank of America Launches Down Payment Resource Center to Help Prospective Buyers Find Programs to Help Achieve Homeownership

Dateline City: CHARLOTTE, N.C. The Bank of America Down Payment Resource Center Gives Consumers Access to a Searchable Database of Over 1,000 Local and National Assistance Programs in Time for Spring Homebuying Season Bank of America announced the launch of its new web-based tool to guide consumers to down payment and closing cost assistance Read more [...]

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Provides More Than $3.2 Billion in Community Development Banking Lending and Investing in 2014

Dateline City: NEW YORK Scope of Projects Impacted Wide Range of Constituents in Communities Nationwide Bank of America Merrill Lynch Community Development Banking provided more than $ 3.2 billion in loans, tax credit equity investments and other real estate development solutions to over 550 clients in 2014, creating more than 13,000 Read more [...]

Bank of America Provides Estimates From 2015 Stress Test Results

Dateline City: CHARLOTTE, N.C. Bank of America today released the results of its 2015 stress test. Under the Dodd-Frank Act, systemically important institutions are required to conduct an annual stress test and publish the results. The Federal Reserve conducts its own test and announces its results at the same time. Bank of America’s estimates may differ from the Federal Reserve’s Read more [...]

New NG Book- ABROAD AT HOME: The 600 Best International Travel Experiences in North America

WASHINGTON (Feb. 11, 2015)—Many of us dream of traveling to new and exotic destinations, but we don’t always have the time or resources to do so. In March, the National Geographic Travel Team offers a new book, ABROAD AT HOME: The 600 Best International Travel Experiences in North America (National Geographic Books; ISBN 978-1-4262-1499-8; on sale March 17, 2015; $ 24.95), that takes travelers on a trip around the globe without ever leaving North America. Organized by region, ABROAD AT HOME Read more [...]