Conservatives, Liberals Trust Different TV News (and Comedians)

It’s not exactly a news flash to point out that the American news audience is politically polarized these days. A new poll out Monday from Quinnipiac University indicates as much–showing, for instance, that Fox News is simultaneously the most trusted and mistrusted TV outlet among those surveyed. But nowadays, the poll goes on to show us, even the fake news audience has been polarized. Along with the usual questions about trust in broadcast and cable news (more on that in a second), Quinnipiac Read more [...]

This Week In Credit Card News: Anthem’s Huge Data Breach, Little Interest In Mobile Wallets

Insurance Giant Anthem Hit by Massive Data Breach Hackers have stolen information on tens of millions of Anthem customers, in a massive data breach that ranks among the largest in corporate history. Anthem said there is no evidence that medical or credit card information was compromised. While damage is still being [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Spanish publishers move to halt Google News closure

A lobby group of Spanish publishers has asked the country's government to stop Google News from being shut down. Last week Google said it would close its news service after Spain introduced new intellectual property laws that would have forced Google to pay royalties for links to news websites. Now the Association of Editors of Spanish Dailies (AEDE), the same lobby group that campaigned for the new laws to be introduced, is asking the Spanish government to stop Google News from closing. In a Read more [...]

CIA torture report: In Iraq, US abuses, and their consequences, are old news

While many Americans have expressed shock at the details of CIA interrogation methods revealed Tuesday in a Senate report, there is little such surprise being voiced in Iraq, where the price the US has paid for those policies is also well understood. After the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, the US military operated scores of detention facilities where brutal and humiliating tactics were used in a bid to stop anti-American insurgents and the spread of Al Qaeda’s franchise in Iraq. For Read more [...]

This Week In Credit Card News: Get Better Credit Card Rewards, How Your Card Data Is Stolen

What Happens When You Swipe Your Card? The number of reported illegal intrusions into the computer systems of U.S. companies is at a record high this year and climbing. The hacking of Target, Home Depot, Staples and other top retailers made headlines. And behind the headlines are two separate crimes with [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Verizon’s widely mocked tech news site is now completely dead [Updated]

Verizon's attempt at technology journalism has seemingly been halted, as its widely mocked news site hasn't published anything new in more than three weeks. "SugarString" is bankrolled by Verizon Wireless and got off to a rocky start when its editor, Cole Stryker, was seeking out reporters and told prospective candidates that the site would not write about spying and net neutrality. The Daily Dot broke this news on October 28, and SugarString has gone silent since then. This story by Stryker about Read more [...]