Baltimore police under scrutiny after death of ‘black man running’

A 25-year-old Baltimore man died Sunday a week after reportedly suffering a partially severed spine during an arrest, and the mayor vowed “to find out exactly what happened” and “hold the right people accountable.”
Nation – Los Angeles Times

Hawks player blames NYC police for ‘significant injury’ (Yahoo Sports)

Atlanta Hawks player Thabo Sefolosha said Tuesday he is in ''great pain'' and blamed New York City police for causing a ''significant injury'' that knocked him out for the season. The backup forward sustained a fractured right lower leg and ligament damage while being arrested with teammate Pero Antic outside a Manhattan nightclub while the Hawks were in the city to face the Brooklyn Nets last week. Sefolosha won't return until next season, costing the top-seeded Hawks a strong perimeter defender Read more [...]

Police watchdog slammed as ‘inadequate’ by adviser to Macpherson Inquiry

Serious questions about the fitness of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to investigate far-reaching allegations of police corruption have been raised by a former member of the Macpherson Inquiry. The judge’s investigation is said to have been misled by Scotland Yard about the extent of corrupt police involvement in the 1993 investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Dr Richard Stone, an adviser to the Macpherson Inquiry, said: “I question whether the IPCC is a fit and Read more [...]

Video in fatal North Charleston, S.C., police shooting sets case apart

The family gathered for an impromptu memorial on the grass where Walter L. Scott had been shot to death by a white police officer the day before. They were still in shock, unable to accept police accounts that Scott had struggled with the officer over his Taser.
Nation – Los Angeles Times

How do North Charleston’s police homicides compare with other cities’?

Since 1985, police in North Charleston, S.C., have recorded four “justifiable homicides” in which a felon was killed by an officer, according to FBI data. All those killed were male. Two were white, two black.
Nation – Los Angeles Times

South Carolina police officer charged with murder

A white police officer in North Charleston, S.C., was charged with murder Tuesday after shooting and killing a black man following a routine traffic stop over the weekend. The decision to charge the officer, Michael Thomas Slager, came after graphic video footage emerged showing Slager firing a volley of bullets into the back of Walter Scott, 50, who was running away. Officers rarely face criminal charges after shooting people, a fact that has played into nationwide protests in the last year over Read more [...]