News in Brief 01 August 2016 (PM)

  IDP’s seek protection in UN base in Juba during government military clashes on 08 July 2016. UNMISS Photo Clashes between rival South Sudanese forces "violation of peace agreement" Renewed clashes between government and opposition forces in parts of South Sudan on Monday are a "violation of the peace agreement" signed last year. That's according to the UN Mission in the strife-torn country, UNMISS. The clashes are most intense in the states of Central, Eastern and Western Equatoria, and Nassir Read more [...]

Primary ballot full of big, small choices make them by voting

By JOHN BURBANK (July 28, 2016) — We are in the season of party conventions. You may have watched the Republicans in Cleveland last week and you may be watching the Democrats in Philadelphia this week. Maybe you didn’t, and opted to watch “Scandal,” or, if you are a bicyclist, perhaps the Tour de France. For us in Washington, the national conventions may or may not be a good show, but we really have very little impact on the nominations or the general election outcome. That’s because we Read more [...]

Journey's end

They scatter 179 poppies – one for every serviceman and woman killed in Iraq, looking so British in this alien and dangerous place. A mother, her blonde hair covered by a white scarf, holding the hand of a father in a blue shirt and sensible shoes as they stand on a dirt road in a slum in Basra, Iraq. “I just wanted to see where Matthew took his last breath,” says Maureen Bacon, “to try and make sense of it all.” “Soldiers put their lives on the line,” her husband Roger tells Read more [...]

Brexit Succeeded by Playing to Britons Imperial Nostalgia

Shortly after the result of Britain’s referendum on the European Union was declared last week, an academic colleague remarked to me, “the final curse of the empire is that the imperial dream is destroying the imperial heartland.” Britain’s long association with imperialism was a major undercurrent in the campaign to leave the EU. Disregarding the realities spelled out by economists and others as to the impact of a leave vote, the Leave campaign emphasized what Britain might once again become, Read more [...]

Video Goes VIRAL After Black Brothers Speak Out Against White Privilege

By: Laura Meyers From North Carolina, brothers Chris and Joel Hayes made a webcam recording of themselves speaking out against white privilege. Last month, they posted a video explaing why they support Donald Trump. This time, the two gentlemen explained why they don’t support the militant notion of “white privilege.” “So where did we get this thing about ‘white privilege’?” Chris asked. “If I can say something and a white person can’t say something, it looks like I’m the one Read more [...]

Brexit: What Does It Mean for the Advanced Bioeconomy?

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In the UK, the British people voted to exit the European Union in a historic vote which was announced in the early Friday hours. Following the vote, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said he would resign, and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said it was “highly likely” that the SNP would seek a referendum on leaving the United Kingdom after Scotland voted strongly to “Remain”. … In the advanced bioeconomy sector, the Biofuels Digest Index was off 2.46 Read more [...]

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